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13 – 19 September 2021

Monday: Riblet Basket & Chips R50
Tuesday: Cheese Griller & Bratkartoffeln R38
Wednesday: Vetkoek & Mince with Veg R40
Thursday: Roast Pork Neck & Veg R30
Friday: Lamb Potjie with Samp / Rice R65
Saturday: Schnitzel & Veg R55
Sunday: Beef Curry & Rice R66

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27 September – 3 October 2021

Monday: Russian & chips R38
Tuesday: Strammermax R44
Wednesday: Pasta Bolognaise R48
Thursday: Chicken Mushroom Pie, Gravy & Chips R45
Friday: Pork Fillet Stroganoff & Mash R60
Saturday: Lamb Burger & Veg R50
Sunday: Chicken Schnitzel With Roast Potatoes and Mushroom Sauce R55

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4 – 10 October 2021

Monday: Curried Mince Rice & Veg R50
Tuesday: Boerewors Roll & Chips R40
Wednesday: Pork Chops & Bratkartoffeln R50
Thursday: Frikkadels, Mash & Gravy R45
Friday: Lamb Curry & Rice R66
Saturday: Chicken Nugget Basket R50
Sunday: Pork Belly & Mash R49

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11 – 17 October 2021

Monday: Pork Chops & side R50
Tuesday: Worsfees & Mash R50
Wednesday: Chicken Lasagne & Veg R55
Thursday: Cottage Pie & Veg R45
Friday: Steak, Egg & Chips R65
Saturday: Macaroni & Cheese R55
Sunday: Kassler Chops & Veg R66

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